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A must-see in Split: Marjan park-hill

Discover the green oasis that is a 15-minute walk from the old town

Split has its own Central  or Hyde Park, and it is called Marjan park-hill. It is a protected green area in the town where all construction of new houses is banned so that the locals can enjoy its peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Marjan is, therefore, a place to go for a walk to clear your mind after a stressful day, walk your dog or take in the best views of the sunset from the southern slopes of the hill. It is a place where local athletes practice outdoors for their next competition and school children take their PE classes on a sunny day. Fishermen try their luck on the rocky or pebble beaches hoping to catch their lunch, while hikers search for some fresh asparagus in spring. And in summer, Marjan beaches are simply the place to be if you want to cool off in the Adriatic sea on a scorching day.

Here are some suggestions on what to see if you decide to enter the forested area:  

The first viewpoint: a must-see if you're coming on foot from the town center. Just walk uphill starting from Šperun square in Varoš neighborhood passing some steps on the way. The viewpoint is at the site of a restaurant and a former Jewish cemetery. Sit down, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the entire town, the islands in front of it and the mountain behind it.

The first viewpoint on Marjan hill in Split
The first viewpoint on Marjan hill in Split

Children's recreation area and the town zoo: if you are travelling with children, it might be fun for them to visit the zoo with local Mediterranean animals that they can feed and the area designated for children's play.

Telegrin or the second viewpoint: this is the highest peak on Marjan hill, at 178 meters or 584 feet above sea level, where the Croatian flag is flying. You can reach it by continuing your ascent from the zoo and children's recreation area.

Marangunićevo Šetalište promenade: starting just above the first viewpoint, this promenade crosses the entire forest and reaches its furthest point on the opposite side. On the way, you'll get to a chance to see some iconic sights, for example steep cliffs called Šantine rocks and historic chapels.

Ivan Meštrović's gallery: the gallery of the most famous Croatian sculptor of all time is actually outside the forested area, on the southern slopes of Marjan hill in the high-end neighborhood of Meje. The gallery with its luxurious garden blends in perfectly with the green background of the forest, at the same time offering stunning views towards the sea and the islands of Brač and Šolta.

The beaches: for summertime visitors, the beaches in Marjan area can be especially appealing, despite being a bit remote from the old town. On the southern slopes, go for a swim on Kašuni or Kaštelet pebble beaches, and on the northern slopes, try Bene beach which is sandy for the most part.

I hope you'll enjoy our peaceful oasis in Split as much as we do and help us preserve it by respecting the nature and all the flora and fauna in it during your exploration. Marjan awaits!

Sanja - Tour Guide in Split


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