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Cooperation opportunity: location info on Split, Croatia for the media representatives

Are you a journalist, blogger, reporter or content writer looking for inside information on Split, Croatia to include in your piece? Look no further, you're in the right place. I'll be glad to help you out!

As a professional tour guide since 2011, and a local, born and raised in Split, Croatia, I have in-depth knowledge about this location and I would be glad to help out a reporter, journalist or blogger doing an article aimed at presenting Split as an interesting vacation spot. With this goal in mind, I am willing to provide you with the location info on Split, Croatia while allowing you to focus on writing rather than spending hours researching. I would be available for email correspondence or on-site assistance if you are visiting in person.

Please contact me with your query in one of the following ways:

Looking forward to working together!

Location info on Split, Croatia for the media representatives
Split, Croatia

Sanja - Tour Guide in Split


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